Residential Construction

Luxury Home Building + Remodeling
Our expert team of professionals excel at making the process interactive and exciting by seamlessly bringing your vision to life.  With nearly two-decades of custom home construction behind us, we can anticipate and minimize challenges to keep you worry free and focused on your home.  We have established a vast network of suppliers and expert contractors allowing us to bring style and luxury to every project regardless of the budget or time.
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Commercial Construction

Building and reimagining spaces for major industries
Commercial development and construction is a highly detailed enterprise. Whether the project is a ground-up mid-rise or a comprehensive office build-out, a solid knowledge base and client-focused collaboration are fundamental for achieving success. With experience in both design/build and design/bid/build delivery methods, our team is prepared to guide clients through the process that best fits their needs.
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Identifying unique opportunities that minimize risk and maximize value
DiCosola Group has worked with numerous developers in and around Chicago over the last decade. Our customer first approach has granted us a unique viewpoint of the underlying aspects that cultivate a successful venture.  Whether a single-family home, multi-family structure, or multi-use projects, our ability to find value continues to exceed expectations.
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Forward-thinking consulting services for Chicago’s REO Departments
In coordinating development projects and operating property construction sites for over 20 years, we have gained consensus across Chicago's remunerative commercial & residential construction markets.
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